Presented by
Heinrich van den Berg


30 September - 5 October 2024 2024
(5 Nights)

For the safari to happen, we need a minimum of four people in total.

  • Accommodation in Lion Camp in South Luangwa
  • Vehicle with a Maximum of Six Photographers
  • Photography Advice
  • Post-production Advice
  • All Meals and drinks
  • Some of the best Bird and Predator Sightings in Zambia
  • All internal flights included
  • The safari starts at Lusaka
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Embark on an unforgettable photographic safari with Heinrich van den Berg, a renowned wildlife photographer and publisher at HPH Publishing. Journey to the heart of Zambia's South Luangwa National Park, famously called "Lion Camp" for its remarkable lion sightings. This exclusive safari is meticulously crafted for enthusiastic photographers eager to capture the raw beauty of Africa's wildlife through their lenses.

Under Heinrich's expert guidance, you will explore the stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife South Luangwa offers. Known for its high density of game and status as one of Africa's most intense wildlife sanctuaries, this destination provides unparalleled photographic opportunities. From majestic lions and leopards to vast herds of elephants and buffalo, each day promises a new adventure and the chance to shoot spectacular wildlife scenes.

This safari offers the thrill of wildlife photography and includes personalized photography tips and insights from Heinrich, ensuring you make the most out of your photographic equipment and skills. Whether you want to improve your technique, learn new approaches, or capture breathtaking images, this safari will meet your needs.
Spaces are limited to ensure a personal and enriching experience for all.

Join Heinrich van den Berg on this extraordinary adventure to capture the spirit of Africa, its wildlife, and its awe-inspiring landscapes. Secure your spot today and take part in a journey that will leave you with exceptional photographs and unforgettable memories.


South Luangwa National Park, situated in eastern Zambia, is a jewel among Africa's conservation areas and is often hailed as one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world. The park spans over 9,000 square kilometres of pristine wilderness and offers some of the continent's most intense and varied wildlife experiences. It's the birthplace of the walking safari and is renowned for its innovative approach to wildlife tourism and conservation.

The diversity of habitats in South Luangwa—from dense forests of mopane trees and the lush grasslands along the Luangwa River to the dry savanna areas—supports an incredible variety of game and birdlife. The park is particularly famous for its high concentrations of leopards and elephants, and it hosts a large population of the iconic Thornicroft giraffe, unique to the region.

For wildlife photographers, South Luangwa is akin to a vast natural studio. The unique quality of light, particularly in the golden hours of dawn and dusk, casts an enchanting glow that enhances photographic scenes. Photographers can capture dramatic images of predators in action, intimate portraits of elephants bathing in the river, or the chaotic grace of a wildebeest crossing. The seasonal transformations brought by the wet and dry periods offer dynamic changes in the landscape and wildlife behaviours, providing varied opportunities for amateur and professional photographers.

Moreover, South Luangwa’s commitment to conservation ensures that photographers visiting the reserve contribute to the sustainability and protection of the area’s ecosystems and biodiversity. Engaging in photography here is not only about the pursuit of stunning images but also about respecting and preserving these natural habitats for future generations.

About Lion Camp.

  • Lion Camp is in one of the most remote wildlife areas in Zambia, where the focus is on our wildlife heritage preservation.
  • It is easy to get to but far from the bustling areas
  • It offers the perfect balance of authentic bush with supreme comfort
  • Our bespoke personalized dinner service is paired with top-end estate wines
  • The suites are standalone with unobstructed views and privacy
  • Lion Camp is 100% self-sufficient – this includes purified borehole water, 24-hour electricity generated by our solar farm, and
    backup batteries, waste is processed at our on-site incinerator and glass is delivered to a community glass processing plant
  • Evening Breeze – in-room temperature cooling system
  • Our raised walkways link the suites with the pool, restaurant and on-site hide, so guests have more ease of access to all public areas
  • There is a photographic studio on site


Join us on a photo safari to one of the best photography destinations in Africa.

Learn from a pro. Take brilliant wildlife photos.

Notes from Heinrich van den Berg about the safari

Thanks for your interest in the Lion Camp photographic safari! Zambia is one of the best places to photograph wildlife in Africa. The people are exceptionally friendly, and the atmosphere is incredible.

I've built this safari around the lodge and the area. The beginning of October is the best time in that area, so if you're looking for some unrivalled photographic opportunities, look no further.

Don't miss out on this incredible safari.

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Join me on a photographic experience of a lifetime. Book now as space is limited.