Heinrich van den Berg is an international award-winning wildlife photographer, accomplished author, and publisher. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Van den Berg is well-known for pushing the boundaries of photography to create explosive images that are as beautiful as they are emotive. Van den Berg heads his own publishing company, HPH Publishing, and has successfully published over 50 full-colour wildlife titles since 2001. His books are highly acclaimed for both their quality and content. He leads photographic safaris to various wildlife destinations, teaching avid photographers how to improve their own photography.


Heinrich van den Berg is a well-known wildlife photographer.

  • He is the owner of HPH Publishing and has supplied the photographs for more than 30 of HPH Publishing's books.
  • He is one of the leading post-production artists in South Africa, having colour-corrected every image ever published through HPH Publishing.
  • He is the author of seven books, three of them on wildlife photography.
  • He has had 18 images awarded in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, making him the 8th most awarded photographer in the competition's history.
  • He will give advice while on game drive, and will also be available for any editing advice.

Heinrich started his career as a Civil Engineer, but his passion has always been photography. Heinrich has been a professional photographer for twenty years and has gained the reputation of being a pioneer in photographic natural art. He has also won numerous awards, such as:

  • The Eric Hoskings Award for the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year for two consecutive years. Since then, he has been awarded five times in this competition.
  • International Fuji Getaway Photographer of the Year
  • International Camel Trophy Photographic Competition


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